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“I implemented Bobby's email framework right away and I actually had a blast writing my emails. I received over 50 responses to my first email even though I never specifically asked them to respond! Bobby's resources are all very actionable. I can listen, implement and immediately have a win. I listened to one workshop and now I am a forever fan!”

Jamie Sears

Creator of Not So Wimpy Teacher

Who Is

Bobby Klinck?


Hey, I’m Bobby… Harvard law grad turned online entrepreneur. 


But I’m not your typical lawyer. I speak English (not legalese), use poop emojis, and make lame pop-culture references... all in hopes that you’ll forget I’m a lawyer for a bit and stick around.


I've build a multiple-six-figure business by focusing on the basics and ignoring the "secret" bullshit the gurus are peddling. 


My superpower?


Building a heart-centered, community-driven business by creating genuine connections with my audience through the power of kickass emails.


My Mission?


To help YOU & other online entrepreneurs create businesses they love.

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