What's Your PROFITABLE Email Marketing Map Type?

You don't need a high-dollar copywriter or special skills to make money with just need the perfect roadmap to tell you what emails you should send to your list (and when!).


But email marketing isn't one-size-fits all. Take this FREE Email Marketing Map Assessment to get a custom email map based on YOUR unique situation!


Seriously. It's like taking the Meyers-Briggs assessment, but for your email marketing. Click the button below to get started!

You've Heard The Buzz About Email Marketing...

... and you dream of the day your emails actually make you money.

But it's never quite worked that way for you. Staring at the blinking cursor seems like a curse and leaves you yearning for someone to just tell you what the hell you should write in each email to have the impact and results you want!

Featured In...

Who Is

Bobby Klinck?


Bobby Klinck is not your average Harvard Law grad.


Having built a multiple-six-figure business selling his legal templates and garnering praise from the likes of Amy Porterfield and Ray Edwards, Bobby has become known for making complicated legal stuff dummy proof.

After discovering what it takes to build a successful business online, Bobby unearthed a passion for helping entrepreneurs build raving and loyal fanbases through authentic, legit, and heart-centered marketing strategies.


He prides himself on making the marketing stuff understandable, approachable, and accessible for other online entrepreneurs so they can stop sweating the small stuff and start building the businesses of their dreams


Emails are his superpower. In fact, his emails have such a cult following that many copywriters and subscribers have confessed to having a "Bobby Swipe File" on hand at all times.

Now he's sharing his kickass knowhow with any and all who are ready to connect authentically with their subscribers, explode their profit margins, and have a shitload of fun along the way!

The Email Marketing Map Assessment

will help you discover...

The specific emails and email sequences you should be sending to actually get the results you want!

The unique journey you need to take your subscribers on to nurture them to from ice cold leads to red-hot buyers!

How it fits together... so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and start creating raving fans with every email you send!

After You Take The Assessment...

You'll get your own personalized Email Marketing Map Results Report sent right to your inbox!

  • The FIVE-STEP Journey For Your Subscribers

    Although there are countless emails you could send... there are really five core steps to take your subscribers on. The report lays out exactly what those steps are and what role each plays in your success.

  • Your CUSTOM Roadmap

    Knowing the five steps is just the start because email marketing isn't one-size-fits-all. The report lays out what YOU should be doing specifically in each step based on YOUR particular business (and your answers to the assessment). 

  • YOUR Next Steps

    You'll have clear marching orders so you know exactly what to do next to master email marketing, so that you can take subscribers from ice-cold leads to red-hot buyers. 

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